Important Things To Know When You Hunt With An ATV

If you've hunted for years on foot and are ready to make the process easier, you'll likely find yourself looking at various all-terrain vehicles and finding out that suits your budget. Hunting with the help of an ATV can make the entire outing much more pleasant — no more long walks and sore feet, there will be ease with carrying your gear and even with transporting the game back to your hunt camp. However, there are a number of rules that you must remember as you get accustomed to this new form of hunting. These rules will prevent issues with your fellow hunters and avoid any serious trouble in the event of running into a fish and game enforcement officer.  

Do Not Use Your ATV To Chase Your Prey

Chasing down your prey with your ATV is highly unethical. If you make this mistake and you're hunting in a group of responsible hunters, you can expect some serious conflicts with them. Many hunters have a high respect for the animals they're pursuing and doing it through methods such as chasing with an ATV is sure to be frowned upon by your peers. Additionally, you could be in trouble with the local game authority if you're spotted engaging in this behavior or if someone records you and submits the video.

Be Cognizant Of Hunters Using Stealthy Techniques

While some hunters favor the ability to get to their desired hunting areas quickly with the help of an ATV, others prefer being more stealthy in their approach. Each strategy has its merits and it's important that you don't infringe on the preferred hunting method of those hunting on foot. If you come across hunters using this method, stop your ATV and turn it off. Attempt to communicate with the hunter with hand signals — wave your hands to ask if it's OK to proceed or if they're currently tracking a nearby animal. If the latter is the case, it's proper hunting etiquette to wait until it's clear to pass.

There Are Several Ways To Make Your ATV Quieter

If you're concerned about the noise of your ATV disturbing other hunters or even alerting any prey in the area, you can reduce the overall volume of the vehicle in a variety of ways. When you buy the vehicle, talk to the salesperson about its noise output and explain your intended use of the machine. Additionally, you can make the vehicle quieter with a specialized muffler attachment, which you should be able to buy at the same time that you get the ATV (Decker Motors Ltd has ATV's).

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