Preparing To Propose On A Helicopter Tour

Having the opportunity to view a city or landscape from the air can be exciting. If you are hoping to capitalize on the excitement that a helicopter tour can provide by proposing to your loved one in the air, there are some important things to do to prepare before you pop the question.

Here are three things you need to think about as you plan a helicopter proposal for the future.

1. Make sure your loved one's hair is safely tucked away.

The last thing you want is for your special day to be marred by tragedy. Loose hair can easily get caught in the rotors of a helicopter, so ensuring that your loved one's hair is safely tucked away prior to your tour can be a beneficial safety precaution.

Since many women want to look their best for a proposal, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment at a local salon prior to your tour. Your loved one can get the professional pampering she deserves, and you can be sure to tell the stylist you'd like an up-do that will keep hair safely tucked away from the helicopter's rotors.

2. Make sure the ring is secured to your body with a wrist strap.

The ring is the most important accessory during a proposal, but it's also one of the easiest items to drop when you get nervous. While in flight, a helicopter's blades rotate between 440 and 460 times per minute. This creates a tremendous amount of wind speed that could cause jarring during your tour.

Since you will likely be nervous when you pull out the ring, you want to prevent having the wind speed of the rotors from causing you to drop the rink by securing it to your body with a wrist strap.

3. Make sure you can bring along a few family members or friends.

Documenting the moment you propose can be beneficial, but it can be difficult to film and propose at the same time. Before booking a helicopter tour to propose to your loved one, be sure that you will be able to bring along a few family members or friends to help document your big moment.

Be sure that you contact the tour company in advance to determine how many passengers can safely ride in each helicopter.

Planning a helicopter proposal doesn't have to be difficult. Be sure your loved one's hair won't get caught in the rotors, secure the ring to your body with a wrist strap, and book a helicopter large enough to bring along a few friends, and you will be on your way to an epic proposal. Contact a business, such as Qwest Helicopters Inc, for more information.   

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