The Great Coral Reef Adventure - A Fun Way To Teach Children To Swim Underwater

Learning to swim underwater can be one of the most difficult things for a beginner swimmer to learn. Many places like Cedar Springs Health Racquet & Sportsclub offer swimming lessons for young children. The Great Coral Reef Adventure is a fun game that can be used to develop underwater swimming skills in a beginner swimmer.

The Great Coral Reef Adventure

 Skill Level

The Great Coral Reef Adventure can be used with beginner swimming classes, with more challenges added as their underwater skills improve. Using the game at the beginner level requires 2 basic skills.

1. The ability to hold their breath underwater

2. The ability to propel themselves forward underwater

The Game

Step 1. Be sure you are in the shallow end of the pool – 3 feet – so that all the children in the line can stand comfortably with their legs apart, feet flat on the bottom, and heads above water.

Step 2. You will need at least three swimmers in the class. Select one swimmer to be the "reef diver," and a minimum of two standing swimmers to be the "coral reef." If you have a bigger class size, you can have multiple lines of swimmers. You will need a minimum of two standing swimmers and one diver for each line.

Step 3. Position the students (who will be standing in a straight line) approximately 5 feet apart from one another, one behind the other. The number of students in each line should not be more than 3 for the beginner age group. You can increase the number of swimmers in the standing line for advanced swimmer levels.

Step 4. The divers will start in the water. This is not an exercise to teach diving. It is a game to develop underwater swimming that requires using the shallow end of the pool. Never allow a child to dive in the shallow end.

Step 5. The divers will need to use the skill of sinking to the bottom of the pool by exhaling air as they sink underwater. The swimmers will need to be able to get themselves to the bottom, and they also need to practice moving around on the bottom of the pool before they can enjoy The Great Coral Reef Adventure game.

Step 6. Once the divers have made their way to the bottom, they attempt to swim between the legs of as many of the "coral reef" (standing children) as they can while holding their breath. You can make it a race to see who can get through all the legs the quickest, or just keep the objective simple by counting the number of legs the swimmer can make it through before they have to come up for air.

As children become more comfortable swimming underwater, the game can be made more challenging. You can increase the number of standing students, or add dive rings behind each student for the reef divers to collect and bring back to the surface.

The primary objective of the Great Coral Reef Adventure is to help develop your child's confidence in swimming underwater. This is a fun activity that can hold the attention of children, while helping them to master beginning underwater skills.

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