Tips For Surviving Your First Skydiving Experience

For some, skydiving is a one-time check mark off their bucket list, but for others it brings on a type of adrenaline that they just can't give up. For those who seek the biggest adventures in skydiving, the world is open to some of the most beautiful areas to explore from above. When exploring areas around the world to skydive, the sky is the limit. While there are essentially thousands of great locations around the world to jump out of a plane and catch some breathtaking views, there is so much more than just jumping out of plane and seeing the world around you. When it comes to your first skydiving experience, it is important to be prepared. Here are some things you can expect your first time skydiving. 

Weather Delays

One of the biggest challenges in preparing to go skydiving is experiencing a weather delay. Even if the weather forecast claims it will be a precipitation-free day, it doesn't mean the weather is going to work in your favor. It could get cloudy, rain, or fog can roll in out of nowhere. When this happens, your jump may get delayed minutes to hours. The key is to getting through your day and experiencing the jump is to plan to be there all day. Even if you schedule your jump in the morning, you want to make sure you don't make other plans in case the weather chooses not to cooperate. Wind, rain, and clouds are the most to be concerned with. The Federal Aviation Administration requires that all skydivers follow the Visual Flight Rules. This means, if you can't see the land when jumping from the plane, you cannot jump. 

Tandem Jumps

For your first time, you will likely be required to jump with a certified skydiver. This is for your safety and security. Not only can it be reassuring when you are cruising to the ground at a fast rate, but they can also help guide you to the correct landing area. At times, the wind can be somewhat gusty, causing you to stray a little from your original landing. In this case, your guide will help in steering you to the right spot. They are also great about not panicking in mid air. It is important to know when to open your parachute and when to jump from the plane. If you have a certified diver with you, you can sit back and relax during your first jump, knowing they have it taken care of. On average, you can expect to pay around $200 for a tandem jump, depending on location. 

Jumping Attire

When it comes to being comfortable, you want to make sure you wear the appropriate clothing. This includes loose-fitting clothes and tennis shoes. Once you get there, you will be given a jumpsuit and a harness to put on. You will also most likely be given a helmet to wear on your jump. The harness will fasten around you securely and will be very snug. If you choose a tandem jump, you will be attached to your guide in four places, at the hips and the shoulders. This is so that you remain attached during the entire jump. Contact a company like Skydive Burnaby for more information.

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